My favorite city applications

I’m an animal city. I was born in, grew up in the city, and although his time as a lot of time spent in the forest or in the mountains (and I hope to come back), then let’s face it – this is where I spend the lion’s share of my life. And since she appeared smartphones try to make life more comfortable it was.

My first smartphone urban apką was … Gadu-Gadu. I know that today it seems ridiculous, but when in 2004 I put on my Palm Treo status gg “I’m going by bus,” most people thought I was crazy 🙂 And then – well, then the applications began to appear more and more. My experience with the resignation of the smartphone showed me just how much I need him. And by no means only for the eternal seat fejsie just about facilitating real life.

So I decided to introduce you to these applications that I use most frequently in the city.

1. Google Maps / Waze
Without a map or move. I still remember those archaic times, when the car clung to plan. The index, searching the street – today for me prehistory. Even before I bought a smartphone I had installed the Automap on my handheld. Today, I use mainly Google Maps – both when I want to hit somewhere on foot and by car. Has the advantage over ordinary applications with maps, first, that almost always has a current map (as opposed to automotive GPS-s, which updated costing some sick money), the second is information about traffic jams.

The route I also use Google Maps, although I recommend also check Waze. It has some other features, however, such as transferring ETA friends (or travel time) or warning radars. Waze, however, are often confused in smaller cities – to function properly, you need a large number of users who provide information about traffic jams and other events.

2. How to get

Recently moving increasingly zbiorkomem. Firstly, there are growing problems with parking in the center, on the other hand do not have the patience to stand in traffic jams, thirdly makes it more bearable, and I have a few metro stops away from the house. With this app you always know how many minutes I got on the bus, I also know how best to get to a place. In the summer I move a scooter, which is good for a relatively short distances, easily jumps also to buses, trams or underground. A foreign city? Here is the only sensible solution, of course, except for taxis. But I like when the weather is nice ride zbiorkomem after foreign cities, better them then meets.
When I arrive
But the thing – this application allows for maintaining the route from point A to B, taking into account the departure of each line of bus, tram or subway. It is brilliant in its simplicity, I recommend it to anyone. Of course, great if zbiorkom was as punctual as Switzerland or Singapore, but no …:>

3. SkyCash

I fell in love with this application, really. I would recommend it to anyone – I do it delivers a lot of things. Because it’s a little apka – combine.
First I buy tickets for public transport. It is convenient – you can pay either powered up before the account, or the predefined cards. When payment is enough to give the CVV code (I learned it by heart, in the end only 3 digits).
SkyCash – tickets for public transport
Second, pay for parking meters. As a person cashless always hated when I had to toss a coin. Now much of the parking ticket machines supports card payments, but still I’m so is convenient. The more that you can park without defining the time, you only need to remember to turn off the schedule of charges after the start of the space. I paid twice dozen gold at 18.00, while counting off. Well, gapowe.
SkyCash – parking meters
It is also useful in other cities – in any other systems are parked and apka supports many of them.

Thirdly, I buy train tickets. This is done as comfortably as in the application Intercity, you can search for trains, so I use only her.
SkyCash – train tickets
Truthfully I do not use all the features and a lot of them. Cinema tickets (must try!), Tickets to the National Stadium, bill payments, transfers, withdrawals from ATMs without a card or recharge GSM. Really cool application with a nice interface. I would highly recommend!

4. iTaxi / Uber
In the beginning there was iTaxi and although Warsaw was not enough taxis that was serviced this service, you have used up to me with this pretty cool. I prefer to order a taxi application than call – I’m such a geek. To see the location of the car. But I admit without beating that I gave to the Globe, which is simply a lot of cars – the time for me was always the most important.
Until he appeared Uber. I do not want rozpętywać ideological discussion, using both the taxi and the Uber, a mega-convenient, cheap, I have a clear settlement rules. Taxi choose when in Uberze is mega multiplier, or when I get up in the rush hour bus lane.

5. Foursquare / Foodspotting
Yes, Foursquare. There used to “checkowania the” Swarm, truth be told he me a little bored. On Foursquare check reviews of restaurants, especially in foreign cities. There are more and more, and the algorithm really cool to suggest where to go.
With Foodspotting already using less, but I still like to look there to see the cool pictures of food – sometimes it this way, making a choice 🙂 application allows you to watch the reviews and photos, “foodporn” in the area. Sometimes really tasty!

6. Stocard
I have a rule that if you have any cards or documents, all litter into one portfolio. Unfortunately, getting this quite a lot, and although my wallet chose just the place for the enormous amount of cards, all do not fit. In Stocard I keep most of my discount cards, such as the IKEA Family, if Payback which can significantly reduce the weight of the portfolio 🙂

7. Banking Applications
I can not imagine life without trap banking on the phone. The most intensive use of Inteligo and where we have the whole system of the division of accounts (it used to describe). This requires making time to time internal transfers, I’m doing this course application. Currently I test as intensely mBank – unfortunately Inteligo not have their applications properly, it’s just exploding mobile version of the bank, but it works. For this reason, among others I am testing a moving permanently to mBank.
For this IKO – I was not too sure about this form of payment, and still do not want so much addicted to the phone battery, but it is perfect when you forget a wallet, so you want to be configured. For those who do not know – IKO (and other systems, depending on the bank) allow using the application to withdraw money from ATMs – without the card.

8. Instaplace
I do not write about the applications to take pictures, because it’s obvious, but mention Instaplace – Polish production, which is brilliant in its simplicity. Adds various masks to your photos. I thereby form a photo album different cities, with the inscription. Simple, but fun and enjoyable 🙂

9. Qute
You’ve heard of the APCE? Another cool production in which the fingers dip Poles – it allows you to quickly put photos from the dressing room for others to decide what you look better. It’s better to throw anything on Fejsa – and certainly deprive you of the traditional element fejsbukowego, or ridicule and jeer at the photo 🙂

10. Clouto
Last but not least. I added at the end, because in this production stand including me. It may not be developed at the rate of lightning, but it is exactly 😉 application used among other things to remind you of important dates related to your vehicle. Maintenance, insurance, technical examination – it never should surprise you. Good for both owners of single cars and service mini fleets. By the way, you have szasnę on news related to the desired brand or find automotive service points.

And that’s about it – what are your favorite trap, without which you can not live in the twenty-first century? 🙂

The best new games for Android. TOP 10 (May 2016)

Do you have a tablet or smartphone with Android and you do not know what to play? Here are 10 of the most interesting titles that have appeared in recent times!
Hearthstone: Ones Gods

Machina associated with one of the most popular card games on the market – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – spinning all the time. The result is another addition, introducing four new to the game of gods and cultists who support the main characters in skirmishes with opponents. This of course provide us with at least several hundred new combinations associated with completing their waist and thus, much greater volatility on the table. What, it’s time to get back into the game?


Exploding Kittens

Card games never too much – especially when we are dealing with a real feline phenomenon. Exploding Kittens is a game very simple rules, yet insanely addictive, yet what should be the biggest asset of any mobile game. Although this production is simplified terms planszówkowego pattern, it still plays a very nicely. The very fact do karcianki about cats is in the end rather … peculiar.
Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Games taking place in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 recently had what does not measure, and most of them hardly presented the highest quality. Fortunately, it is a bit different Freeblade – spectacular celowniczkiem, which makes action at breakneck speed, and the whole is enriched with a great visual setting. It’s not especially complicated production, but at least the game is in a really niezgorzej.Fani Warhammer should pay for that title your attention.


Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

This extremely popular especially in Asia production first came to the App Store and now Google Play – owners of Android devices, so they can assume the farmer that his hard work makes his farm grows stronger, and the pasture there are new animals – and yet this is not all, because we will also deal with their rearing, care for their needs or keep the land in order. And although this game different from Farming Simulator, it still makes a whole lot of laughter.
Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

Beksiński in the game? Polish studio OhNoo proves that this is possible thanks to Tormentum: Dark Sorrow, that climate point’n’click adventure set in a fairly unusual climates, in addition to the non-linear story that allows us to make many of the difficult moral choices. The whole supplemented with excellent audiovisual binding, great typing in a climate of total production. This, for a mobile game, a really interesting proposition.



This is not the end of the Polish production – another great title is Bladebound of native Artifex Mundi, which in addition to an interesting gameplay, a world filled with enemies and spectacular visual setting offers us even a very interesting system of attack based on gestures, which checks in the wash really great. The fact, moreover, can read in our review Bladebound, which some time ago appeared on the pages of appManiaKa.


Flight of the Amazon Queen

A month after the App Store Flight of the Amazon Queen also goes to Google Play and you have to admit that this refreshed point’n’click is a treat for all lovers of the game in the style of Indiana Jones – there is no lack of surprising traps, formidable puzzles and of course great treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Choćwielu can scare archaic technical setup, it should be overcome and give this title a chance, because it is worth.


Operation Dracula

Oldskul in all its glory – but it would seem that the genre of shoot’em up rather average suitable for mobile devices with touch screens, but Operation Dracula shows that any, effect can be achieved with reasonable control and difficult but balanced gameplay. Great title for champions of skill – this could indeed read our review Operation Dracula published on the portal


Monster Raid

If you have had enough of Pokémon and would like to try the game in similar climates, it’s a great option will be fun Monster Raid. Here too, we embrace the care of a bunch of monsters, taking their training, well-being and developing their individual abilities, so that each subsequent our skirmish ended in victory. This – of course – is not easy, but definitely worth a try.
Disney Crossy Road

Popularity Crossy Road no doubt – downloaded millions of copies of this title is the ultimate confirmation of a phenomenon with which we are dealing. Disney Crossy Road is another attempt to show that this concept of fun all the time great works, and through the use of popular cartoon characters from the label played it even better. What can I say – is the undisputed hit in the new version, which is definitely worth a try.

Receive SMS for Hangouts? Prepare for change

Hangouts is present on any smartphone with Android. It is used to communicate with friends, and from 2013 also to receive SMS and MMS. But soon they await the big changes. According to the site Phandroid Google will remove applications function of receiving SMS and MMS.

Initially receiving SMS and MMS did not work too well in Hangouts. A new feature for developers Google has made a lot of problems. Over time, we removed all faults, and for the application to be used by a large group of users. Unconvinced still able to use other applications, for example. – A bit strange – another appki Google called Messenger (yes, his name is just as instant messaging Facebook). However, by default Hangouts to handle our SMS and MMS.

Soon to change. The receiving messages to disappear from Hangouts. It is not known why until the end, but most likely Google does not want to duplicate the same in two different applications. This could cause confusion among users. Therefore, receive SMS and MMS messages disappear from Hangouts. The application will remain communicator to talk with other Google account holders.

Not yet known when it comes to abandoning the function. Most likely it will happen the way you update, but the date of its conduct remains a mystery. If of you use to date with Hangouts, then I recommend Messenger application. It is perfect in his role primarily because it has all the necessary functions, and is at the same time simple and intuitive.

Windows 10 for smartphones – what, where, how and when?

In recent days, there are plenty of reports about Windows 10 Technical Preview version for smartphones. Some of this rumor, and others come directly from Microsoft employees, including the Joe Belfiore, who led the final conference of the American company. Time to gather it all together and organize to finally know where we stand and what we can expect. Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading to Windows 10.

Initially they appeared to change the information by which time Windows 10 was hit on all Lumia smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 8, and another time the update was to be limited to specific models. Finally the time came Microsoft’s conference, which officially heard that the system will go on all Lumie. Unfortunately, a few days later again they began to suggest that the exception may be a device with 512 MB of RAM. Over and over again…

Who gets an update to Windows 10?
Now officially – which it has been confirmed by Microsoft employees. Upgrading to Windows 10 will be available for all Lumii, which runs Windows Phone 8.x, even those with 512 MB of RAM. This is possible because the latest version of the mobile-ups will be billed for parts than previous editions. However, on weaker devices will not be available all the functions of the system. So at this point we know and are the official information. We do not know exactly what features it comes.

This applies, however, only models niebrandowanych, or bought in the store, not from the mobile operator. Branded models are governed by their own laws and the responsibility of telecom is whether it will provide its users with an update. I suspect that in 99 per cent. cases this is what happens, because otherwise the operator would have fallen thunderbolts hurled by customers. But one thing is certain – holders of branded Lumii will have to wait a little longer for their update.

We do not know what to do with smartphones from other manufacturers, but most likely update will depend on the company itself. If there is the will, it is on Windows 10 should appear on devices HTC, Samsung and many other manufacturers.

Windows 10 when Prime Minister?
This question does not know the answer, at least in the case of mobile devices. On computers system has zagościć in August this year, so probably smartphones will be a few months later. Maciej Gajewski from Spider’s Web suggests that this will be the beginning of the 2016 years.

As for the version of Windows 10 Technical Preview for smartphones, it is due to be released later this month, but only for specific devices. On the one hand, there is information that the first test version will be able to install holders Lumii 1520 and 1020 HTC One M8, on the other hand is mentioned more models 635, 830, 920, 925, 930 and Icon. It seems that for now we must wait. That which only confirmed Gabriel Aul from Microsoft, is the fact that Windows 10 has already been tested on Lumii 635 and reportedly works very smoothly and without major problems. This is good news, and we are left simply to wait for more information.

There is a chance that the first Windows 10 Technical Preview for smartphones will be released later this week.

Holders of the older Lumii can return to Windows Phone 8.1

Mobile Windows 10 is still full of childhood diseases. On the one hand it is not so surprising that in the end the new system. But, nobody wants his phone fell into the so-called. bootloop, that became impossible to run. Fortunately, owners of older Lumii can easily return to the Windows Phone 8.1, which was much more stable.

At the moment many Windows 10 users complaining of problems with their phones. The device can fall into the so-called. bootloop, which is manifested by the fact that they simply can not run them without interfering with the software. Parts did not like the abandonment applications Lumia Camera, which was regarded as a very good and extensive. Appka was appreciated by a huge crowd of fans mobile-ups.

Luckily, all those who do not like the changes in Windows 10, can return to Windows Phone 8.1. Of course, this applies only devices that have worked on the previous software, so the list does not include the latest Lumie, for example. 950. How is this possible? All smartphones, which were originally issued with Windows Phone 8.1 images retain their current recovery. Thus you can always revert to an earlier version of the system.

This is a very good move from Microsoft. Each user to whom the new Windows does not fall in love, you will be able to return to his well-known and well-liked Windows Phone users 8.1. Well, that customer will have the choice. Interestingly, thus it is also possible I’ll go back to an earlier release of Windows 10 Mobile Preview. You only need to restore the Windows Phone 8.1, and then download the appropriate updates. Maybe it is time-consuming, and even a little breakneck task, but entirely possible.